Stay In Style

Secluded Comfort.

There are twenty cottages - Ten luxury standard and ten deluxe suites all with marble terraces and simple, elegant teak furniture. Air conditioning, fans and hot water offer additional comfort and the bathrooms are open to the sun and night skies.

Two swimming pools in natural curving shapes are surfaced with thousands of tiny blue and green pebbles, one high up the terraced slope and the other at the bottom of the valley beside the main restuarant.

Breakfast and snacks are served from a tiny bar and restuarant at the upper swimming pool with views out over the sea to the island of Nusa Penida and Bali's distant southern Coastline.

Kubu Bali has a multi-pavilion restuarant with its own vast swimming pool for guests and day-trippers. Here eight chefs produce delicasies from around the world.